About me

I am a Research Scientist at NVIDIA Research, working on 3D reconstruction and generation for content creation. I received my PhD from Johns Hopkins University, advised by Dr. Russell H Taylor and co-advised by Dr. Mathias Unberath. I received my Bachelor degree from University of British Columbia, advised by Dr. Tim Salcudean. I have also been fortunate to collaborate with many brilliant minds at JHU, UBC, Meta Reality Labs and Intuitive.


Neuralangelo has been named as the TIME's Best Inventions of 2023!
Our paper Twin-S won Best Paper Award Honorable Mention at IPCAI 2023!
I have defended my thesis! Full talk can be found here.
Our paper AMBF+ won Best Paper Award at AE-CAI 2022!
STTR accepted at ICCV 2021 as an Oral Paper!

Selected Work

Neuralangelo: High-Fidelity Neural Surface Reconstruction
Zhaoshuo Li, Thomas Müller, Alex Evans, Russell H Taylor, Mathias Unberath, Ming-Yu Liu, Chen-Hsuan Lin
CVPR 2023, TIME's Best Inventions of 2023
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Temporally Consistent Online Depth Estimation in Dynamic Scenes
Zhaoshuo Li, Wei Ye, Dilin Wang, Francis X Creighton, Russell H Taylor, Ganesh Venkatesh, Mathias Unberath
WACV 2023
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Revisiting stereo depth estimation from a sequence-to-sequence perspective with transformers
Zhaoshuo Li, Xingtong Liu, Nathan Drenkow, Andy Ding, Francis X Creighton, Russell H Taylor, Mathias Unberath
ICCV 2021, Oral
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Anatomical Mesh-Based Virtual Fixtures for Surgical Robots
Zhaoshuo Li, Alex Gordon, Thomas Looi, James Drake, Christopher Forrest, Russell H Taylor
IROS 2020
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Work Experience

Project Picasso, Nvidia Research
Research Scientist
September 2023 – Current
Nvidia Research
Research Intern
June 2022 – August 2022
Meta Reality Labs
Research Intern
June 2021 – August 2021
Research Intern
June 2019 – August 2019


Vision Navigation and 3D Reconstruction

Robotics and Mixed Reality

Clinical Analysis