About me

I am a Computer Science PhD student at Johns Hopkins University, advised by Prof. Mathias Unberath and Prof. Russell H Taylor.

My research focuses on recovering motion and structures from images. I have strong interests in computer vision, computer graphics, deep learning. I have experience with applications such as 3D reconstruction, robotics and mixed reality.

I have been fortunate to collaborate with many brilliant minds at JHU, Nvidia, Reality Labs and Intuitive. I am also a videographer, mental health promoter, dog lover, snorkeler, surfer, sky-diver, snowboarder...


May 24th, 2023
I have defended my thesis! Full talk can be found here.
Mar 24th, 2023
I gave a talk representing JHU at the Robotics Industry Day! Video is available here.
Mar   8th, 2023
Neuralangelo accepted at CVPR 2023, Vancouver!
Mar   3rd, 2023
TAToo, Twin-S along with 2 other papers accepted at IPCAI 2023, Munich!
Sep 12th, 2022
CODD accepted at WACV 2023, Hawaii!
Sep 18th, 2022
We won Best Paper Award at AE-CAI 2022!
July 30th, 2021
STTR accepted at ICCV 2021 as oral!

Selected Work

Neuralangelo: High-Fidelity Neural Surface Reconstruction
Zhaoshuo Li, Thomas Müller, Alex Evans, Russell H Taylor, Mathias Unberath, Ming-Yu Liu, Chen-Hsuan Lin
CVPR 2023
  Paper   Bibtex  Project Page

TAToo: Vision-based Joint Tracking of Anatomy and Tool for Skull-base Surgery
Zhaoshuo Li, Hongchao Shu, Ruixing Liang, Anna Goodridge, Manish Sahu, Francis X Creighton, Russell H Taylor, Mathias Unberath
IPCAI 2023
  Paper   Bibtex  Project Page

Temporally Consistent Online Depth Estimation in Dynamic Scenes
Zhaoshuo Li, Wei Ye, Dilin Wang, Francis X Creighton, Russell H Taylor, Ganesh Venkatesh, Mathias Unberath
WACV 2023
  Paper   Bibtex  Project Page

Revisiting stereo depth estimation from a sequence-to-sequence perspective with transformers
Zhaoshuo Li, Xingtong Liu, Nathan Drenkow, Andy Ding, Francis X Creighton, Russell H Taylor, Mathias Unberath
ICCV 2021, Oral
  Paper   Bibtex  Project Page

Anatomical Mesh-Based Virtual Fixtures for Surgical Robots
Zhaoshuo Li, Alex Gordon, Thomas Looi, James Drake, Christopher Forrest, Russell H Taylor
IROS 2020
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Work Experience

Nvidia Research Research Intern
June 2022 – August 2022
Reality Labs, Meta Inc. Research Intern
June 2021 – August 2021
Intuitive, Inc. Research Intern
June 2019 – August 2019


Vision Navigation and 3D Reconstruction

Robotics and Mixed Reality

Clinical Analysis